Greta’s Words Won’t Be Enough

Her speech, despite inspiring millions, missed the audience that needs it most.

Greta’s Words Won’t Be Enough

Greta’s speech at the U.N. Climate Action Summit 2019 inspired millions but will fall on deaf ears where it matters most. I wanted to write an article discussing how her age has nothing to do with the reality of her speech. I hoped to write of how her words will inspire the world to change! The reality is she missed the audience she should be aiming for.

The People Greta Missed

Greta fiercely targeted governments that refuse to take serious measures towards being environmentally friendly. She condemned their, “empty words” and lack of maturity saying, “You are still not mature enough to tell it like it is.” If it were that simple we could have already enacted change with the hundreds of other climate activists before her. The consumers are the real problem in this equation.

Consumers are constantly voting for or against green companies by where they decide to spend their money. Environment conscious show their support by intentionally buying products from green companies. It may not be every purchase they make but consumers have the power to choose. When I go to my local grocery store I see rows of body wash in plastic bottles, but right next to them there is a bar of soap in an environmentally friendly paper wrapper and every month I cast my vote.

Companies decisions are driven by money. When the government tries to impose new regulations if it is cheaper to lobby against them that is what companies will do. If people purchase green products companies will see that as a value and will naturally start to move in that direction.

Governments may push to impose new regulations and initiatives however unless companies and consumers are pushing in the same direction they will either be voted out of office, accept bribes from lobbyists, or simply won't have anyone follow the guidelines they put into place.

Everyone is attacking Greta and it needs to stop

Greta is a 16-year-old which by most everyone's definition is a child. She made a stand for what she believed in and as a result, she was asked to speak at the summit. I realize there was a certain level of cringe as many of the things she said were juvenile such as, “And if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you.” SHE ISN’T AN ADULT. Stop holding her to the standards that you would expect an adult to be at.

Give grace and grace will be given to you. Thank you all for reading and cast your vote by shopping green.