Hi I'm David! I am here to help your team be successful with OpenSearch. Whether you are just getting your start with GenAI, bootstrapping an OpenSearch cluster, or wondering if your ingestion process is as fast as it can be, I am here to guide you to success. I spent two years at AWS showing people how to use OpenSearch and now I am working full time helping companies like yours get going with OpenSearch.

Getting started with GenAI

This package is to help you get started on your GenAI journey. So many people launch GenAI initiatives without a clear path to realizing a return on investment. Let's get you going on the right path!

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OpenSearch Consultation

Knowing where to start when designing an OpenSearch cluster can be incredibly challenging. Don't do it alone! I am here to help you plan your OpenSearch deployment or improve the performance of your existing cluster.

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Honestly, there is too much here to even write a description. If you need content written, videos produced, or don't know where to start feel free to reach out and lets talk about it!

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If you don't see a topic here that you feel like fits your use-case, select the one best aligns with your interests and let me know about what you are looking for in the description! So excited to hear from you!