Virtual Observer Open Source SDK

An open source SDK for the Virtual Observer API

Virtual Observer Open Source SDK

Just a few weeks ago I needed to work with the Virtual Observer API to systematically collect reports. Typically I would just punch out a few lines of Python drop it in task scheduler and call it a day, but knowing how these things typically go I realized that management would eventually want more reports and more frequent reports.

To save the world some time I have created the csi-tai open source SDK! This SDK simplifies and abstracts away many of the details you don’t want to bother with like traversing from one request to the next or generating headers allowing you to create functional queries quicker.

Using the csi-tai SDK

With the wonder of pip getting started is a simple venture. First install the package with the following command

$ python -m pip install csi-tai

Once you have installed it you can use it like so.

Here we are exporting the results to a csv however they can be used to feed a database or any other reporting tools that you may need. If there are any issues feel free to drop a bug on the Github repository CSI_API.

Also feel free to drop a request for a feature on the repository as well as we are looking to expand it. One that is currently on our radar is to pre-scan the parameters to ensure they are validly formatted before making requests.

This article and SDK are not affiliated with Virtual Observer or Coordinated Systems, Inc.