This week there is a lot of excitement! I had one lead come from some of my outreach opportunities and I have a good feeling that I am starting to narrow down on a solid target market. This is thanks to a bit of help from Jonathan Stark! We had a great talk last week where he helped me work out what it is I am actually providing customers with because infrastructure doesn't sell.

  • Business:
    • I had one lead come from some outreach I did and sent out 10 other highly targeted outreach messages
    • On track to monthly goals with 1 external blog published, 1 blog published on my site, and 1 video that is launching today!
  • Content:
  • Social:
  • Why am I doing anything other than YouTube? Well it doesn't pay just yet. I am down -21% in viewership WoW but that is still my largest traffic source (671 views). Subscriber count is up 15% though (78-89 subs).
  • Website up to 229 users (+316%) showing that content syndication is the key to maintaining traffic at these early stages
  • Twitter saw a noticeable uptick in impressions (4234 impressions, +70%) because of two stupid tweets:
    • LinkedIn has steadily chugged on (impressions +30% WoW, followers +1.5% WoW). It remains my biggest website traffic driver with 56% of my site traffic coming from LinkedIn in the last week
  • Strategy:
    • This week I've pivoted (surprise) and am doing a lot more outreach at the advice of Jonathan. I've avoided outreach until this point because I didn't have a specific enough target audience. Now that I've honed down on that I made some changes to my site, LinkedIn bio, and twitter bio to better reflect what I am doing.

The WBR - 6/10/2024

July 10th edition of the WBR. A running public review of my progress building TippyBits. This week included a new lead, the strategy is starting to work, and a new focus.