Don’t “Invest” in Forsage Tron Before Reading This

If you are wondering if Forsage Tron is a scam look no further. See why Forsage Tron is a scam.

Don’t “Invest” in Forsage Tron Before Reading This
By Forsage

If you’re wondering it is a scam

Two people had invited me to join their Zoom meeting for Forsage Tron before I finally decided to attend one. Full disclosure I am always critical of ventures like these. They tend to promise you will be able to make enormous amounts of money but the reality is only a few people ever make that money.

What They Claim They Are

By Forsage

Forsage Tron claims to be a Crowdfunding company that has created a contract using the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX). Their contract really is just a payment system that ensures the hierarchy of payments is made every time someone joins.

When you join a meeting you will hear fantastic claims of how people have made thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars using this system. The only way people make money in this scam is by scamming others into putting money in.

Lies That are Spread in the Meetings

“It can’t be stopped or shut down by a government”

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a pitch where the inability to be shut down by the government was a selling point. That is a concern because legitimate organizations don’t have to clarify this. Also, using digital currency does not mean that they cannot be shut down by a government. If they do business they can be shut down.

The other thing that can be shut down is you if you join and forget you have to pay steep taxes on your profits off of this organization.

“Most people make decisions on emotion not logic. People won’t join unless they see other people joining”

This is concerning because it seems to imply that if someone made a decision based on logic they wouldn’t join. We will see this thought continue on in other things that are said.

“We are a crowd funding platform”

Being a crowdfunding platform typically means a large number of people are getting together to back a product, project, or some sort of tangible thing. The only place your money goes in this scam is to the people above you.

The speaker even clarified in the meeting Tron is just the payment method used to pay your up-line. The only time you need Tron is when you are “Upgrading” which means paying your up-line more money so you can collect more money from your downline.

“It can’t be hacked”

Anything can be hacked. In early 2019 there was a bug discovered that made Tron vulnerable and it is a matter of time till it happens again (Tron Critical Security Flaw).

“Tron increases in price because it’s scarce”

It’s not scarce. Tron has a 2 billion dollar market cap and has been steadily decreasing in value for 3 weeks according to CoinGecko

“Don’t let ‘I don’t understand’ stop you from making money”

Any investor will tell you if you invest in something you don’t understand you are simply gambling.

What Forsage Tron Is

Forsage Tron is just a 21-century pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is where everyone comes in and pays money to people above them to achieve the right to collect money on the people they recruit below them. The only people who make money are the people closest to the top. If you put money in and no one joins under you then you are out whatever money you put in.

This is highlighted by one of the speakers quotes:

“The people who come in early have the most to gain”

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. If you have any more questions about cryptocurrency or about this scam feel free to leave a response.